Paris, April 10th 2014

Hilomi, the indie puzzle game full of whimsical animals from Yamago, is now available on App Store and Google Play!

Hilomi, the game's heroine, needs your help to travel through her unusual world and take pictures to complete her wildlife photography collection!

To help her, you have the environment at your fingertips: move earth, create bridges, dig tunnels, command fire and water, and more!

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Download Hilomi for free on:


Founded in 2000, Yamago creates video games for web browsers, social networks and mobile devices.

We are experts in video game adaptations of TV and movie licenses, work with prestigious clients such as Disney and Cartoon Network on a regular basis, and have created games for well-kown intellectual properties, including Star Wars – The Clone Wars, Batman, Ben 10, Naruto, High School Musical and Adventure Time.

Yamago keeps on evolving through casual and social gaming. As such, our studio develops games and apps for web browsers (Flash, HTML5), social networks (Facebook), as well as smartphones and tablets (iOS, Android, Windows Phone).

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